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10 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Are Not Delivering + How to Fix

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Meta ad is a powerful tool to reach your marketing objectives. Sometimes, not everything will go according to plan. You may encounter challenges where your ads aren’t delivering or producing the desired results. As an advertiser, this can be heartbreaking, especially considering the amount of effort you have put into it.

Meta or Facebook can be strict when it comes to approving ads. That’s why you must ensure everything checks out when creating an ad. Most of the causes of this ads not running issue comes from the advertisers. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to be left frustrated at the end.

So why are my Facebook ads not delivering at all, you may ask after having several head-scratching attempts? This blog will look at identifying the issues and discussing the solutions.

What Does “Facebook Ads Not Delivering” Mean?

When you log into your Facebook Ads Manager and an error message appears as ‘Facebook Ads Not Delivering,’ it means that your ad is no longer running or they are not getting to your specified target audience. It usually happens to new ads or ads that were active in the past.

How do you know if your ads aren’t delivering? Navigate to Ads Manager and go to the Delivery section. You’ll see your Facebook ads delivery statuses there. There are several reasons for this occurrence, which we shall discuss as we proceed.

What Happens When Your Facebook Ads Don’t Deliver?

When your Facebook ad fails to deliver, it will have limited reach and engagement. Your ads may not reach the intended target audience, generating lower visibility and exposure for your brand. With limited reach comes low engagement, which could impact the effectiveness of your ad and objectives.

With your Facebook ads failing to deliver, you’ll have reduced conversions, such as low website visits. It can negatively affect your ROI and waste your budget. Not to mention missed opportunities to connect with potential customers and build brand awareness. It can leave you at the mercy of your competitors.

Ads failing to deliver can have grave consequences on your objectives and business goals. It can hinder the success of your advertising efforts and slow down progress. That’s why you should take time to identify the cause of the delivery problem and take prompt action.

Caveat: Not Seeing Your Facebook Ad Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Showing

There’s a common misconception that just because you don’t see your ad as an advertiser, then it’s not showing. That’s false. Sometimes, you don’t see your ad running. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t showing. This thing may be happening for the following reasons:

  • The targets for your ad may be for an audience that differs from your interests. Therefore, you’ll be excluded from the audience segment the ad is for.
  • Facebook has a frequency capping rule restricting the number of times they show an ad to the same user within a given period. This is to avoid ad fatigue. If you’ve seen your ad multiple times and no longer see it, Facebook may curtail showing you the ads.
  • You may not find your ad on places you’re familiar with, e.g., Instagram Stories or Audience Network. Therefore, you may not see the ad show.
  • Your ad may be running at specific times of the day when you’re not actively browsing Facebook or Instagram.
  • Facebook uses algorithms to display ads to a user based on their preferences, such as behaviors and interests. If your ad isn’t relevant to your interests and browsing history, you may not see the ad in your feed.
  • Limited budget or bidding may also limit the number of times you see an ad as an advertiser. Facebook will instead prioritize showing the ads to users who are more likely to engage.

You may ask, ‘How long does it take for Facebook ads to start delivering?’ Typically, it takes Facebook about 24 hours to review ad creatives against their advertising standards. Sometimes, it takes longer, especially during the holidays. If your ad is perfect, it will start running immediately.

Top 10 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Are Not Delivering

Here are 10 reasons your Facebook ads aren’t delivering:

Your Ad is Stuck in Review

Your ad is probably still being reviewed. That could be a solid point as to why ads are not delivering or showing. If this is the case, there’s no reason to be scared. As mentioned earlier, Facebook reviews every ad published before they go live to ensure they comply with their ad policies. Facebook can automatically review your ad or manually do it. The manual review process takes a bit more time.

Bid Parameters and Budget Are Restrictive

When creating an ad set, you’ll set a target audience. Setting a target audience tells Facebook’s algorithm the kind of people you want to show your ads to. If a bid is too low or you’re restrictive with a budget, Facebook will limit the number of people that will see the ads and eventually stop delivering when the budget hits a stop.

For instance, if you set a budget of $3 daily and a bid cap of $0.5, the target reach will be so insignificant that Facebook won’t be able to show the ads effectively. Conversely, if you set a budget of $50 daily and $2 as a bid cap, Facebook will identify enough people to show the target ads.

Limited Engagement on Ads

Facebook strives to show relevant ads to its users. If your ads are irrelevant to your target audience, Facebook will drop them in favor of more relevant ads to drive more engagement. Facebook rates the relevance of your ad vs your competitors’ ads, the ad’s expected engagement rate, and the ad’s expected conversion rate. The review system could flag your ad if it has low engagement.

Low-Quality Ad

The Facebook ad delivery system prioritizes high-quality ads and restricts the delivery of ads that don’t meet its criteria. If your ad has low-quality visuals or images, grammatical errors, or misleading content. Maybe it has too much text. Anyways, Facebook will not deliver the ad.

Say you want to run an ad about a product, service, or event, and the visuals are unappealing or lacking clarity, Facebook will view the ad as a violation of its policies. Therefore, ads could stop delivering.

Spending Limit Reached

Advertisers are asked to set an account spending limit when creating an ad in Facebook Ads. If you have exceeded the spending budget or your current account spending limit has hit the threshold you have set, Facebook could reject your ad or stop showing it. There’s a simple fix to this, which we will explain later in this article.

Disapproved or Limited Facebook Ads

As mentioned earlier, the Facebook team reviews an ad campaign to ensure compliance. If the ad breaks Facebook’s advertising policies, it could be one of the reasons why your ad is rejected. You’ll receive an email with the reason for the rejection.

Most ads are rejected for punctuation issues, inappropriate or adult content, a sensationalist language clickbait title, promotion of alcohol or drug-related products, third-party infringement, and discriminatory practices.

You Picked a Very Narrow Audience

This isn’t bad, as you’ll get better results. However, if the target audience is too narrow, Facebook will stop delivering the ads.

Facebook needs at least a thousand users in a specific target audience. Therefore, if your target audience is small or doesn’t have as many people, your ads might not deliver. I understand that you may be working with a limited budget, but that’s just enough reason for your ads not to deliver.

Overlapping Audiences

When you publish, your ad runs against other advertisers targeting the same audience and niche. However, when your ads overlap too much, you may start competing against yourself, eventually harming your ad’s delivery.

Facebook tries to shut down multiple ads from competing against each other during auctions. They will go with ads with the highest total value, while those with lesser value will be suspended. That helps to maximize your budget.

Your Ads Are Not Converting

Meta allows every advertiser to optimize their ads. By optimization, you’re telling the platform the action you want your target audience to take. Let’s say you want more traffic to your site. What you want Meta to do is direct more visitors to your site. If you tell Meta otherwise, you’re creating a conflicting ad, making it difficult for users to act appropriately.

When Meta sees how poorly optimized your ad is, coupled with a bad landing page, it won’t convert. When it doesn’t, Meta may decide to stop delivering your ad to your audience, citing irrelevance and the lack of interest from people.

Unavailable Ad Post

If the content associated with your ad is unavailable, Facebook may see no reason to show it. It could be the post has been removed accidentally, or you no longer have permission to see it. Furthermore, you may be using a post irrelevant to the ad.

How to Fix Facebook Ads Not Delivering

If your ad isn’t performing well due to the above points, don’t worry. Below are quick fixes to get your ad running.

  1. Adjust your spending limit. Set your budget and bid high for Facebook’s algorithm to properly optimize your ads. I suggest setting a lifetime budget instead of the daily limit. Facebook will spend your budget accordingly. You could also start with automatic bidding because it generates the best result at the lowest cost. From there, you can adjust the bid caps to enhance performance.
  2. Reset or remove the account limit. You can do this by navigating to Ads Manager > Settings > Billing and Payment Methods. Also, check your ad account for any issues relating to payment or policy violations.
  3. Improve your ad visuals and messaging. Also, tweak your post’s landing page to target more conversions.
  4. Address the overlap issue by going to the Audience Overlap tool in the Ads Manager. Select ‘Show Audience Overlap’ to show how your audiences overlap. You’ll see a chart showing your ads aren’t delivered due to this issue. You can cancel the ad sets or combine near-identical ones if the percentage in the chart is high.
  5. Use the right optimization goal for a better conversion rate and more ad engagement. Your landing page should align with the messaging so that Facebook can deliver your ads to the right audience. You can update your optimization goal in the Ads Manager.
  6. Expand your target audience when setting your ad creative. Add more behaviors and interests, add more users to your customer list, and use lookalike audiences to find similar prospects.
  7. If your ad was disapproved for profanity or any other reason, edit the ad sets accordingly and re-submit. Ads under special categories like employment and social issues undergo heavy scrutiny, so ensure you tailor the ad message for such demography. It will also prevent further delays in review.
  8. Use Facebook Pixel and other tracking tools in the Ads Manager to monitor your ad metrics and conversions and optimize accordingly for better results.
  9. Choose a new post or create a fresh one if your post associated with the ad is removed. It must be an original post, not a copy of someone else. Sometimes, Facebook may flag your ad unjustly. You could write to them explaining why their decision was wrong. Check out how to create a viral Facebook post here.
  10. Schedule your ad copy to avoid delay in review. Remember, it will be disapproved if it contains sensationalist language clickbait. Also, choose the optimal time to reach out to your target audience. Facebook allows advertisers to run ads during peak hours to maximize conversions and sales.
  11. Finally, regularly check your ad’s status using Facebook Ads Manager. You’ll know if your ad is not delivering and other delivery issues. Your Ads Manager displays the delivery status of your ad.


When Facebook ads don’t deliver, it can have several negative implications for your business objectives. Apart from the usual delay in achieving your marketing objectives, your time and efforts will be jeopardized. It’s vital to identify the cause of the issue and take corrective steps to enhance results.

These practical solutions will fix your ‘Facebook Ads Are Not Delivering’ issue. By implementing them, you can improve the effectiveness of your Meta ads and maximize results.

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