TikTok Ads for eCommerce [How to Start, Types, Best Practices]

a phone showing a tiktok ad for an ecommerce store

Running TikTok ads for eCommerce isn’t as complicated as you think, even for a first-timer. TikTok has emerged as a dominant platform catering to younger demographics. Leveraging its power can yield positive results by helping you reach your target audience if you understand the nuances of running TikTok ads. You can engage with a highly […]

Mastering Facebook Split Testing: Strategies for Enhanced Ad Performance

computer screen displaying ad manager with split testing options

Facebook split testing, or A/B testing, is a great tool advertisers leverage to ensure that Facebook ads reach the right people at the right time and cost. However, many find the ad testing and optimization a bit complicated. Eventually, they do it wrongly.聽 Sometimes, marketers get inaccurate results when using the split test Facebook ads […]

How to Create a Poll on Facebook in Easy Steps 2024

an image showing Facebook polls

Marketers rely on Facebook for their branding and advertising practices because of the platform鈥檚 massive potential for success. Sometimes, running a successful marketing campaign includes getting feedback from users and understanding the impact your practice has created. Opinions hugely influence how effective a marketing strategy, product, feature, or service is. Big companies like Apple, Tesla, […]

How to Use the Facebook Ad Library to Improve Your Ads | SwipeBuilder

PC showing facebook ads library statistics

Many advertisers use Facebook to promote the products and services of their clients. Over the years, the social media platform has become a preferred destination for many due to its ease of use and competitive ad rate. The numbers are there to back it up. According to Search Logistics, more than 3 million businesses across […]

How Much Do LinkedIn Ads Cost in 2024?

image illustrating cost of LinkedIn ads

Staying updated on the costs of LinkedIn ads is essential for businesses and brands looking to maximize their return on investment. Over the years, LinkedIn has become a potent advertising tool for reaching professionals and businesses.聽 In 2024, the platform continues to grow exponentially in advertising opportunities, going toe to toe with other big guys, […]

Creative Briefs Vs. Marketing Plans: A Comprehensive Comparison You Need to Read

Strategic planning is a compass that guides businesses toward their objectives. It’s like a map showing you the right route to avoid being lost. When setting a marketing or advertising campaign, it’s necessary to have a formula that will drive you toward your goals. Creative briefs and marketing plans are two documents that can help […]

Should You Boost Facebook Posts? Understanding When and How

Facebook has a tremendous user database of up to 2.8 billion active users monthly. It’s no surprise many advertisers turn to this social media platform to promote their products and services – the numbers are unbelievable.聽 While there are ways to gain visibility, one common tactic is boosting Facebook posts. However, is this option viable? […]

10 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Are Not Delivering + How to Fix

man's facebook ads not delivering

Meta ad is a powerful tool to reach your marketing objectives. Sometimes, not everything will go according to plan. You may encounter challenges where your ads aren’t delivering or producing the desired results. As an advertiser, this can be heartbreaking, especially considering the amount of effort you have put into it. Meta or Facebook can […]

How to Spy on Your Competitor鈥檚 Ads

The advertising world is fiercely competitive, and you must stay ahead of the curve to be successful. One of the powerful marketing strategies that you can employ to outsmart your fierce rivals is to learn from them. How do you do that? By spying on them. I know what you’re thinking – this isn’t the […]

How to Fix 鈥業G Ad Account Not Found鈥 Error

fixing ig ad account not found error

Instagram has become a powerful tool for advertisers to reach their target audiences and drive business results. With their robust user base, they can craft compelling ads that showcase their clients鈥 products and services. However, advertisers often meet roadblocks that prevent them from running ads successfully. Imagine preparing to launch a campaign from your Instagram […]