How to Turn on TikTok Captions

If you’re a TikTok creator on this page right now, you definitely must have noticed the importance of captions in your videos. Maybe the videos with captions are outperforming those without captions, and you want to make sure all videos have captions. Or you’ve noticed the auto caption feature seems to be present in some […]

Create Viral Facebook Posts Following These 10 Steps

Creating viral posts on Facebook is a success every content creator and business owner wants. With over 3 billion monthly active users, Facebook has become lucrative for those who want their content seen by millions of people. But how do you boost your reach in the most popular social media platform against other content creators […]

How to Download and Save Ads From Facebook Ad Library

Ads are essential to a brand’s marketing strategy. Beautifully and well-crafted ads can influence opinions and entice potential audiences to take action, but it becomes tricky when developing creative ads. The reason? Competition. Millions of businesses advertise on Facebook, so staying unique requires originality and innovative thinking. Advertisers must be creative to capture the minds […]

How To Solve ‘Facebook Account Restricted’ Issue?

Receiving a notification that your Facebook account is restricted can be incredibly frustrating, as it limits access to certain features and actions on the platform. Like any other social media platform, Facebook has rules and regulations users must adhere to. Failure to comply usually results in Facebook account restriction. However, there could be multiple reasons […]

How to Make Money with TikTok Shop and AI in 2024: A Complete Guide

TikTok Shop has become the new kid in the block and it’s flipping the entire e-commerce industry on its head. TikTok, which was already one of the largest social media platforms, decided that it didn’t want to be just a platform for Zoomers to dance and put makeup on each other. TikTok decided it wanted […]

How to Use SwipeBuilder

This guide explores the functionalities of SwipeBuilder, detailing how to save ads from various platforms including Meta, Google, TikTok, and Wistia. It delves into the use of the Chrome extension for enhanced efficiency and walks through navigating the SwipeBuilder dashboard. The post also discusses leveraging AI for crafting new ad scripts, offers troubleshooting advice, and previews forthcoming features, emphasizing SwipeBuilder’s role in storing and analyzing ad data.