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Create Viral Facebook Posts Following These 10 Steps

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Guide on how to create viral facebook posts

Creating viral posts on Facebook is a success every content creator and business owner wants. With over 3 billion monthly active users, Facebook has become lucrative for those who want their content seen by millions of people. But how do you boost your reach in the most popular social media platform against other content creators and business owners?

No doubt, creating viral Facebook posts can be a tussle for brands and individuals as they seek more visibility – and with the constant Facebook algorithm modifications, it has become even more fiercely competitive to go viral on the social media platform. To achieve this, your post must be unique and be a master content creator.

Want to find out how to go viral on Facebook? Then, you need to go through these surefire strategies you can implement to become a Facebook sensation.

But first, what is considered viral on Facebook?

For a Facebook post to go viral, it has reached a large audience through likes and comments or has gained massive engagement within a short time. Once a post has been published, and has gotten some likes, comments, and shares, Facebook’s algorithm will take notice and decide to show your content to a wider audience. 

Note that virality doesn’t have a specified number of views, as it’s subjective. However, it could be anything between thousands to millions of views within 48 hours. Sounds scary, right? But don’t lose hope just yet. Nobody starts hitting those numbers right away – you need to start from somewhere. 

Now that we have answered the question, “What is considered viral on Facebook?” How do you go viral on Facebook?

How to Create Viral Facebook Posts

  1. Know Your Target Audience

Is it possible to reach every Facebook user? No! Your content can’t, but it can hit a targeted audience. Therefore, don’t just try to make your content reach an entire user base. Focus on the right audience for your content. 

Understand your audience’s interests and behavior, and tailor your content to get more engagement. You can use tools like Facebook Audience Insights to get more details about your audience, or you can simply start by targeting audiences like you.

Before you begin, look for trending topics that you’re most drawn to. More importantly, identify the tone of voice and the content format with a high engagement rate.

  1. Create Rich and Shareable Content

This is a crucial factor in going viral. Don’t just create content to please anyone – create content that speaks directly to the challenges faced by your ideal clients. Talk about things that people have strong opinions about and find highly relatable.

The likes of Jay Shetty create posts about purpose and passion that anyone can relate to. This is the magnet he uses to attract his audience. After all, who doesn’t want to live more purposefully and passionately?

You can share personal stories or insights that show how you’ve helped people overcome their struggles. Alternatively, you can share inspiring and uplifting quotes – something your audience can relate to. Creating relatable content that connects with your audience will increase your chances of going viral. 

One way to know what topics to cover is by staying updated about current events and trends. For instance, if a piece of recent news has drawn widespread reaction, you can create a post related to the viral news. You’re using a trendy event or news to make your post go viral. Of course, you’d want to focus on your interest or niche. If your niche is fashion branding, you have no business in the political space.

You may not reach a million views overnight, but you’ll get there soon. Consistency is crucial in this aspect. Don’t overestimate the power of creating content that resonates with your ideal audience. Not only will it hit home but your audience will be excited to share it with their friends.

  1. Go Viral Through Ads

Using paid advertising options like Facebook Ads can be a good strategy to make your content go viral. Facebook Ads target specific demographics and interests, allowing your posts to reach people interested in your type of content. 

What if you’re struggling to create a compelling ad? You don’t need to worry. With SwipeBuilder, you can create winning ads for your brand in seconds. You can swipe ads from Facebook and adjust them using their creative AI tool for your brand. It’s easy and straightforward. 

  1. Use Quality and Enticing Visuals

It’s no news that eye-catching visuals and videos take more prominence than text-only posts when it comes to generating engagement. And when it comes to video content, no other platform has higher chances of going viral than Facebook video content. 

According to a Wistia Study, people spend 2.6x more time on websites with video than those with only texts. Therefore, prioritize using high-quality photos and visuals with texts rather than only texts to convey your message.

The image could be a selfie, quote images, stock photographs, or eye-catching graphics. Don’t be afraid to experiment because there’s no winning formula for creating a viral post.

When posting videos, remember not to drag beyond 2 to 5 minutes. Users can get bored, so try to make your videos as brief as possible. 

  1. Crafty Catchy, Shorter Headlines
Draft out catchy headlines for your post

A catchy headline can be a game-changer when it comes to getting your Facebook posts to go viral. When users mindlessly scroll through their newsfeeds, an attention-grabbing headline can make them pause.

Therefore, your headline should be short, concise, and catchy enough to entice people and get them interested in your content. The average length of a Facebook headline is five words. So, going longer than this average may hurt the reception and virality of your content.

Besides being concise and catchy, the headline should also be informative and describe the general scope of your content. For example, if you’re writing about your travel experience in India, you can craft headlines like “Travelling to India: The Surprising Dos and Don’ts.” It’s likely to generate more clicks than “Travel Guide: My Experiences.”

While we emphasize that the headline should pinpoint what the content says, ensure the content also reflects the headline and speaks of a pain point the audience struggles with.

  1. Engage Your Audience with Controversial Questions

Controversy sells when used rightfully. In the content world, you can use this to your advantage. How? You can ask a question or make thought-provoking statements like “Golfers earn more than footballers. Convince me otherwise.” Or “Do you still need to optimize your content to rank high on Google in 2024? Let’s discuss.”

Raising thought-provoking topics can spark conversations and result in high engagement. Eventually, your content will be pushed by Facebook’s algorithm to go viral. The more engagement, the more likely your post will reach a wider audience. 

  1. Be Unique

Staying unique elevates you and creates a personality that people will identify with. Think about all the Facebook influencers and content creators. What do they have in common – they are unique in their style, content delivery, and personality. Their sense of humor or relatability makes them stand out.

So when creating content, don’t try to imitate. Remember, imitation is a cheap copy. Don’t be afraid to create your own style. This can help differentiate you from others. Also, don’t be afraid to take inspiration from those in your industry or niche.

Given that we promote uniqueness, try to be genuine as well. People love content creators because they’re relatable and have unfiltered opinions. Therefore, be authentic. You can share authentic aspects of your life if you’re comfortable. It establishes a meaningful connection with your audience.

  1. Use the Hashtag and Keyword Technique

Hashtags and keywords are crucial in increasing the visibility and discovery of your posts. They also help your content to come up in searches and the appropriate content sections.

How do you find hashtags and keywords on Facebook? By 

  • Exploring similar trending topics and their hashtags
  • Use keyword research tools like SEMrush to find popular keywords related to your niche
  • Checking the competitors’ posts and their associated hashtags
  1. Post at the Right Time

You may be curious to know when it’s most appropriate to post to get more visibility. One prevalent issue in the content world is creators feel their audiences are always active in reading their posts. That’s not entirely true. Your target audience can’t be always online.

So when are they mostly active? What are the best times to post? SocialPilot reveals that posting between 7 – 9 am, 1 – 3 pm, and 7 – 9 pm on weekends (Sunday is an exception) will get posts viral because that’s when your audience is active. These optimal times work for many but don’t be scared to experiment with different posting times. 

You can schedule your posts in advance if you can’t get your content out at specific times. Tools like Hootsuite are helpful in this case.

  1. Run Giveaways and Free Contests

Who doesn’t love gifts? I bet everybody does. Facebook giveaways and contests with prizes have a high engagement rate. You can leverage this to dish out valuable stuff and get people to know you.

You can organize contests in photographs, sweepstakes, challenges, etc. Contests that bring interactions can help with your engagement and virality. In terms of the gift, it doesn’t have to be expensive but valuable. It should be something your target audience loves.

When creating a contest, have a limited time frame and encourage them to share it on their wall and even on other social media platforms. How about collaborating with influencers in your niche? This could also help make your contest go viral.

  1. Learn and Re-learn

The adage “Experience is the best teacher” never gets old. Your first piece of content may not go viral, but it may teach you one or two things that can help your future posts. 

Each engagement gives you data about your audience, helping you tailor your future content. So go back to your previous posts and analyze what made them successful or failures. Take a cue from them and use it to shape your future content. 


Creating viral Facebook posts is not easy. You could get lucky and go viral overnight, but that’s like one in ten. The key is to stay consistent and dedicated. You will have a shot at prominence if you follow these 10 strategies. 

So focus on your targeted audience, keep creating rich and shareable content, use eye-catching visuals, and encourage your audience to share your content on other social media platforms. What is considered viral on Facebook might apply to other social media platforms like Instagram. So you’re gaining popularity in both ways. Do these and watch the metrics of your posts increase. 

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