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How to Download and Save Ads From Facebook Ad Library

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Download ads from Facebook with one click

Ads are essential to a brand’s marketing strategy. Beautifully and well-crafted ads can influence opinions and entice potential audiences to take action, but it becomes tricky when developing creative ads.

The reason? Competition. Millions of businesses advertise on Facebook, so staying unique requires originality and innovative thinking. Advertisers must be creative to capture the minds of the audience.

That brings us to the second reason for audience targeting. Developing an ad campaign that resonates and engages with a particular audience demands a deep understanding of their interests and pain points. This can be challenging to achieve, especially as you try to balance relevance with engaging content.

The secret to building an engaging and winning ad is to follow a research-based approach. This is where the Facebook Ad Library comes in.

Facebook Ad Library is a vital tool for anyone who wants to gain an understanding of Facebook’s advertising. You can see ads running across Facebook and Instagram, analyze them, and follow a similar pattern or get inspired to create a better one. 

However, Facebook doesn’t provide direct access to download or save the ads from the Library. That means you can only view one ad at a time, and when the ad changes, you can’t see the old one. 

Luckily, there’s a way to circumvent this. This article delves into how you can download ads from Facebook Ad Library.

Why Facebook Ad Library is Vital

The advertising space is competitive. With millions of businesses running several ad campaigns on Meta daily, creating original ads tailored to a specific audience has become increasingly difficult. Facebook users are exposed to hundreds of video ads daily, which creates ad fatigue. These people wouldn’t want to click on similar ads or ads that convey the same message. Therefore, the ads become stale.

Facebook or Meta Ad Library is a pool of ads that allows creators to explore different creatives and get inspired to create an even better one. It’s a vast resource that provides market research and insights into how different ads are created. Its objective is to improve brand visibility, drive conversions, and help you to stay ahead of your competitors. This tool provides and allows;  

Advertising Transparency

Meta Ad Library provides updated data on all the ads on Meta and Instagram. By providing transparency, Facebook ensures you comprehend the advertising landscape, including the ad content, advertiser information, and placement details, and stay updated on the latest trends.

Researching Your Competitors

Researching your competitors can provide unique insights into the type of ad you want to create. Your competitor’s ads can inspire you to get creative with your ad. It helps you find the right ad element to make your ad stand out and address the necessary pain points of the audience.

Steps to Downloading and Saving Ads from Facebook Ad Library

Follow these steps to download ads from Facebook

The Facebook Ad Library contains millions of ads running across all Meta platforms. It provides transparent and updated data on running ads. To download the preferred ad you want, follow these steps:

Find the Ads You Want to Save from the Facebook Ad Library

The first step is to find the ad you want to save. Navigate to the Facebook Ad Library and search for your preferred ad. Once you find the ad, take a screenshot, including the ad creative and copy. Remember to copy the ad link too from the three-dotted icon on the top right of your screen, as you’ll be using it later. 

Paste the ad link on Google Sheets for easy retrieval. Save the screenshot of your ad on your computer or device.

Create Ads Swipe File with SwipeBuilder

You may ask, “What is a swipe file?” This is a library of well-crafted ideas and samples that can inspire you to create your ad. It’s a collection of proven marketing ideas done over time. You can find ad content, books, and reference materials on different topics. 

Swipe files allow you to add relevant elements to reference later. You can add screenshots of ads from the Facebook Ad Library for your later campaigns. Swipe files allow you to create folders for each element and organize them for future reference.

With swipe files, you can never run out of inspiration for content creation. It’s an infinite source of ideas that help you run whatever campaign you want. Having reference materials saves you time from starting afresh, allowing for quick implementation.

How to Create a Swipe File with SwipeBuilder

SwipeBuilder is a third-party service that collects and provides data from Facebook and other social media platforms. It’s a powerful ad intelligence solution that allows users to download and save ads from the Facebook Ad Library.

This intelligent tool boasts amazing features that can help you create swap files for winning ads. You can use the incorporated AI search engine to search ads, save them, and add custom tags to organize them for future use. 

Head to SwipeBuilder, navigate to “Swipe File” in the menu and search for the ads from your competitors. You can add a screenshot of an ad from the Facebook Ad Library. Create folders of your reference material and organize them based on similar elements to enable you to find anything you want easily. 

When creating a swap file, ensure it’s accessible and filterable. This way, you can access your files from anywhere and quickly search for your files using tags and filters.  

Recall the ad link you copied. Bring this over to SwipeBuilder to save the ad you want from the Ad Library. Create an account with SwipeBuilder, hit the + or new ad button, enter the Ad’s URL you want to save, and there you have your ad saved. SwipeBuilder will not just save the ad but save the copy, CTA type, and URL.

Share Your Saved Ads

SwipeBuilder also allows the sharing of your saved Ad with clients or colleagues quickly. All it takes is to click the “Share” button and follow the prompt. The beauty of it all is your clients or colleagues don’t need to sign up for a SwipeBuilder account to view the ad.

AdLibNote: Ads Library Downloader Facebook™

AdLibNote is a Chrome extension that can streamline the process of downloading ads from Meta Library. To download using this extension, follow the steps below;

  • Install the extension on your computer.
  • Select an ad from the Facebook Library
  • Save ads video to your computer using the AdLibNote.

Using the Denote Chrome Extension to Save and Download Facebook Ads

Denote is another efficient tool that can enhance your ad creative process. It gives you access to ad information to assist you in analyzing ad performance. With this, it becomes easier to know what’s working and what’s not.

Denote has a Chrome extension that allows you to download Facebook ads with just a few clicks. Simply install the extension on your computer, select the ad you want to save on the Ad library and click “Save to Denote” to download the ad.

Download ads from Facebook Ad Library: SwipeBuilder Chrome extension

A simpler alternative to saving ads through links is by using SwipeBuilder’s Chrome extension. Once the extension is installed, you’ll see the save button. Click it, and the ad will be automatically downloaded and saved. 

To begin, head to the Facebook Ad Library and use the SwipeBuilder extension to collect and save the ads you want to download. Wait a few seconds, and the ad will be automatically downloaded and saved in a specific folder on your computer.


Downloading and saving ads from Facebook Ads Library can be vital for understanding trends and market research. While it’s impossible to download ads directly because Facebook doesn’t provide a download button, tools like SwipeBuilder can help you download and save Facebook Ad Library ads and even gather inspiration for your next campaign ad. 

If you want an even simpler alternative, you can save ads using the SwipeBuilder’s Chrome extension. Don’t let the lack of a download option deter you from creating attention-grabbing content. Get more ideas and inspiration from saving ads for future references by using SwipeBuilder today.

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