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How to Download YouTube Shorts

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Download YouTube shorts

YouTube Shorts, aka YouTube Reels, is the company’s answer to the popular short-video content from TikTok and Instagram. Creators can engage with their audience through enticing and enthralling short clips.

As the name suggests, YouTube shorts are bite-sized clips designed to be easily consumable. Unlike the typical lengthy YouTube videos that can range from a few minutes to several hours long, shorts last a maximum of 60 seconds. 

With YouTube Shorts, you can become a master content creator – and if you’re looking to save shorts to serve as inspiration for your next content, this article is for you. But unlike the regular YouTube videos, there’s no ‘save for later’ button to download the video for offline viewing.

The good news is you can leverage third-party applications to download and save YouTube shorts for offline building. This article will walk you through ways to download YouTube shorts to your phone in minutes.

Benefits of Downloading Videos from YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts has changed how we consume short-form videos, allowing us to view engaging content in bite-sized formats. The nature of these videos has left us exploring ways to download and save them for offline viewing. Here are some benefits of downloading videos from YouTube Shorts:

Offline Viewing

The ability to watch YouTube Shorts offline is a significant benefit of downloading. Whether you’re busy at work, on a long flight, or in an area with poor internet connectivity, being able to save your videos offline ensures you can watch them at your convenience. 


YouTube Shorts range from comedy skits to dance videos to everything in between. By downloading your favorite videos from Shorts, you can create an archive of content you can revisit anytime, even if the original creator takes them down from their channel.

Free to Use

Downloading YouTube Shorts videos can serve as a source of inspiration to create your content. Having the videos at your disposal allows you to customize your viewing experience. You can watch them as many times as possible for free.

Ways to Use YouTube Shorts

You can use YouTube shorts in many creative ways. Whether a content creator or simply someone who enjoys consuming short videos, here are ways to use Shorts:

Promote Your Regular Channel

Use YouTube Shorts to showcase your talents and let people know about your YouTube channel. You can tease potential viewers about an upcoming event or content. The idea is to create excitement among your audience.

Showcase Less Polished Video

You can use YouTube Shorts to provide a glimpse of your dance rehearsals, studio sessions, or interviews. You can give your viewers a sneak peek or behind-the-scenes to gain an insider’s perspective. 

You can leverage YouTube Shorts to participate in trending challenges, such as a dance challenge or meme, to engage with a wider audience. It can help you increase your visibility on the platform. 

How to Easily Download YouTube Shorts Videos: A Comprehensive Guide

Downloading YouTube Shorts videos may seem impossible at first, owing to the lack of a ‘save for later’ button. But with the right online tools and know-how, you can download and save these videos effortlessly. 

Some online tools you can use to download YouTube Shorts include;

  1. SwipeBuilder
  2. SaveFrom.net
  3. SSYouTube
  4. YouTube Shorts Downloader

For this article, we shall only focus on SwipeBuilder. The process of downloading YouTube shorts on SwipeBuilder isn’t complicated. You can do this in two ways – using the SwipeBuilder extension or the website. Here is how to begin:

Through the SwipeBuilder extension

  1. Download and install the SwipeBuilder extension for free. This allows you to save YouTube Shorts and other videos directly to your folder.
  2. Go to YouTube to find the video you want to download.
  3. Click the ‘save to SwipeBuilder’ to download. This will save the short to your computer. That means if YouTube shorts gets deleted, you’ll still have access.

Through the website

  1. Go to YouTube and search for the video you want to download.
  2. Quickly Grab the Link of the YouTube Short Video.
  3. Go to SwipeBuilder.com in your web browser
  4. Paste the copied link inside the textbox on the site and click ‘download.’
  5. Select quality or your preferred video format from the options provided once the video is done.
  6. Tap ‘Download’ and the video will be saved to your phone.

Benefits of Using SwipeBuilder for YouTube Shorts Download

SwipeBuilder is an online tool that allows the download of of YouTube Shorts for free to any device. You can download videos on your computer or smartphone devices, whether Android or iPhone without issues.

SwipeBuilder offers many benefits for downloading Shorts, such as:

High-Quality Downloads

This tool allows you to download high-quality videos in many formats from the YouTube app. You can choose from various video qualities to suit your preference and device.

User-Friendly Interface

SwipeBuilder has an intuitive and easily navigable interface. It is built with simplicity in mind. The interface is smooth and quick to navigate. Without any prior experience or technical know-how, you can easily use this site to download your shorts, making it suitable for newbies.

Robust Security and Privacy Measures

SwipeBuilder boasts robust security that protects users’ personal information from unauthorized access. This tool features HTTP encryption that ensures all users’ data exchanged between the website and the device is secure. You can download Shorts anonymously, given that this tool doesn’t require users to provide any information before using their services.

Downloading to Share on Social Media

You can share your downloaded YouTube Shorts videos on social media once you have them on your device. This will allow you to boost reach and engagement. Here are some tips for sharing videos from Shorts:

  1. Choose the right social media platform with your target audience to share your Shorts. Instagram and TikTok are popular choices for sharing YouTube Shorts.
  2. Optimize your shorts for each platform. Decide their video format and aspect ratio to enhance visibility. Each platform has its requirements you must meet before the upload is accepted.
  3. Upload your Shorts to your desired platform. Select from the device gallery and follow the prompts to upload.
  4. Use hashtags to increase the discoverability of your Shorts. However, remember to abide by each social media platform’s rules to avoid being banned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SwipeBuilder Compatible with Both Android and iOS?

Yes, SwipeBuilder is compatible with Android and iOS devices. Best of all, the tool is completely free.

Are There Any Restrictions on Downloading YouTube Shorts?

Yes, there are restrictions. For instance, each YouTube content is subject to copyright laws. Therefore, you can only download Shorts you own or have permission to share. Distributing copyrighted content will result in legal consequences.

Besides, YouTube prohibits the download and sharing of videos from their platform. Although the availability of online tools has made it easy to download YouTube Shorts, it’s essential to use them responsibly.

How Does SwipeBuilder Ensure the Privacy of Users?

SwipeBuilder uses high-end encryption technology to secure users’ data and prevent unauthorized access. It also doesn’t record users’ logs nor requires users to provide personal information before accessing the site. It is to ensure users’ data is protected. You can download YouTube shorts without disclosing personal details.


YouTube Shorts has fast grown into another avenue for viewing interesting short-form video content. However, this platform isn’t just for entertainment. You could also find interesting ad content to help with your brand on there. With tools like Swipebuider, you could easily swipe these ads to use as inspiration to create yours. You can check out the tool here.

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