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How to Turn on TikTok Captions

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how to turn on tiktok captions

If you’re a TikTok creator on this page right now, you definitely must have noticed the importance of captions in your videos. Maybe the videos with captions are outperforming those without captions, and you want to make sure all videos have captions. Or you’ve noticed the auto caption feature seems to be present in some of your videos and just absent in some. Whatever the issue you might have with Tiktok captions, this article will cover it all.

We’d be walking you through how to turn on captions in TikTok videos, how to use auto-captions, how to hide captions, and many more. We’d also share some tips on how to make your captions look more aesthetic, so ensure you read the whole article.

What Are TikTok Captions, and Why Are They Important?

Simply put, TikTok captions are those words that transcribe the speech in the video for viewers to read. In the case of TikTok auto-captions, you’d usually find them at the bottom of the video. For captions generated from a 3rd-party app, you could place them in any part of the video you like.

You might probably wonder why these captions are so important for videos. Well, imagine you’re a TikTok viewer just waiting for the train at a subway or in a busy coffee shop without earphones. You’d agree that videos that allow you to turn captions on would definitely be more pleasing to watch than videos without captions. This is just one example of how captions could be important to a TikTok video.

Sometimes, just how aesthetic the captions make the video look could be what makes viewers watch it over and over again. So, the importance of these TikTok captions in your video cannot be underestimated.

Also, people who are hard of hearing use social media apps. We shouldn’t leave them out of all the fun as well. So, adding captions to your video creates an inclusive environment for these people. Hence, your video has better accessibility to a wider audience range.

2 Ways You Can Add Captions to Your TikTok Videos

In this section, we’ll explain two easy ways you can add captions to your TikTok videos. They include:

Use the TikTok Auto-captions Feature

Just like the name suggests, TikTok has a feature that can automatically generate captions for your video. Although these captions might be 100% accurate and you might need to edit them, it gives you a good headstart on getting captions for your TikTok videos. To use the auto-captions feature, follow these steps:

  1. Upload or Record Your Video

The first step would involve recording or uploading the video to which you wish to add captions. Once you finish that, click on the next or red button at the bottom of the screen, depending on whether you uploaded or recorded the video.

  1. Select Captions in the Editing Page

Once you finish uploading, as long as TikTok detects speech in your video, there will be an option on the “More Options” page to change the language in the video. There’d also be a sub-prompt that auto-generated captions will be provided as long as the language in the video is supported.

  1. Edit the Captions

After overlaying the captions on the video, there’ll be a pencil icon where you can edit the captions to be accurate. Ensure you re-watch and proofread the captions carefully to ensure there are no errors before saving and posting the video.

What to do if There are Auto-generated Caption Inaccuracies in Your Posted TikTok Video

Just in case you miss out on some errors in the auto-generated caption on your video, you’d have to delete the footage, re-edit the captions, and upload them again. This is because TikTok hasn’t made the feature to edit captions on published videos yet. So, this means you need to be as careful as possible when editing these videos.

Use Captioning Software to Include Video Captions

If you’d like your captions to be more colorful and maybe have more effects than the bland one TikTok offers, you could use 3rd-party apps to this effect. This means you’d have to download apps like Wondershare, Captions, Capcut, or InShot. To use these apps, simply follow the steps below:

  • Download the chosen software.
  • Upload your video to the software.
  • Generate and edit your captions and add any preferred effects (fonts) to the caption. You can also choose where you want to place the captions, unlike the autogenerated type, which stays at the bottom.
  • Review the generated captions and ensure they are all synced before downloading your video.
  • You can then upload and publish on TikTok.


That is all you need to know about turning on TikTok captions as a creator on TikTok. If you’d love to increase the accessibility retention time and just make your audience enjoy your content, then adding captions could be a great way to do that. Also, to ensure the accuracy of your captions, you should record your video in an environment with little background noise and ensure your voice is as clear as possible.

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How do I turn on Tiktok’s auto caption feature?

If you’re a creator, TikTok now automatically adds the auto caption as long as the language in your video is supported. You just need to edit the captions as you like. For viewers, you need to ensure the auto-generated captions feature is turned on in the ‘Accessibility’ section on the Privacy page. 

Can auto-captions be edited on a published TikTok video?

No, it cannot. You’d have to delete the video, re-edit the captions, and then upload it again. So, it is advisable to take the extra time to ensure your captions are properly synced and say the correct thing before publishing.

Why can’t I add captions on TikTok?

This could be due to various reasons, which could include:

  • You didn’t turn on the auto-captions feature.
  • A technical glitch in the app. Check for updates on the App Store or Play Store.

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