#1 Swipe File Building Tool

Saves ads from all major ad platforms and ethically steal copy using AI. 

How to Use SwipeBuilder

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Welcome to SwipeBuilder, this guide will show you exactly how to use the SwipeBuilder platform to get the highest possible ROI. 

The SwipeBuilder platform can be used for the following: 

  • Save ads from the ad’s libraries of Meta, Google, and TikTok. 
  • Save organic videos from TikTok
  • Save VSLs that are hosted on Wistia
  • Organize and share ads with your team
  • Create new ads and write copy with AI  

The first thing you need to do before you access anything on the platform is install the Chrome extension. 

Without the Chrome Extension you won’t be able to save any of the ads on the supported platforms. 

So before you do anything else on the app, just head here and install the extension. 

When you install the extension, you’ll notice that you have to log in there as well. 

Use the same credentials that you used to log in to the dashboard. 

If you forgot your password, you can reset your password by clicking on your profile. 

Then heading to account page

And there you should see the option to change your password. 

Now you should be logged in on both the Chrome Extension and on the platform. Let’s swipe some ads!

Shortcuts to The Supported Ad Platforms

If you go back to the extension, you can actually use it as a shortcut to navigate to the different platforms where you can save ads or content. 

You can tap on any of these and you’ll quickly be on any of the supported platforms. 

How to Save Ads From Meta’s Ad Library

Let’s head to Meta first and save some ads. 

Disclaimer: All ads you swipe are saved privately, they are not displayed on a discovery page unless you want to.

Here, all you have to do is search for a brand like you would normally do. 

But if you look closely there’s a new button on top of each creative. 

Each creative now can be “swiped” back to our platform.  

The ad will be saved permanently on our end and even if they are deleted you will have access to it. 

We are able to draw far more metadata than it’s currently displayed on the Meta ad’s library. 

This is a good time to mention that if you ever run into issues swiping or get an error. 

Just refresh the page and try again. 

If the issue persists, congrats! You uncovered perhaps a bug and we will fix it immediately. 

Just click the chat button in your dashboard, copy the creative, and send us a message. 

How to Save Ads From TikTok 

Now let’s swipe some videos from TikTok. 

Again you can go there from the extension itself. 

Just scroll down to TikTok Feed and you’ll have a direct link. 

This will take you to the TikTok Feed, what you’ll notice is that you can swipe/save any video on TikTok. 

By just clicking the “swipe” button it will automatically save the TikTok video back to the dashboard. 

How to Save Ads From TikTok’s Creative Center

To swipe from the TikTok Creative center, you have to do things a little differently. 

Basically you have to click on the TikTok ad itself and open it up. 

It should take a second or two to load the swipe button right on top of the creative. 

How to save Google and Youtube Ads

Let’s swipe some Google ads. 

Again, go to the extension and head to Google. 

This will take you to the Google Transparency Center. 

This is Google’s ad library and contains all the ads that are live for a brand. 

In order to swipe an ad from here, you need to filter by videos.

And then you have to open a specific ad that you want to swipe. 

A button will appear at the bottom of the creative. 

If the button doesn’t load, please hit refresh and it should be there in a second. 

How to Save Long Form VSLs From Wistia

Now let’s do Wistia VSL. 

For Wistia, there are no repositories of VSLs, that doesn’t exist. 

The swiping from Wistia feature comes in handy when you find an actual VSL on a landing page. 

A swipe button will appear in the corner. 

And if it doesn’t please hit refresh until it loads. It should be there 99% of the time. 

How to View Your Saved Ads

Now let’s head back to the dashboard. 

You already know how to swipe from our supported platforms. 

To let you know what’s coming up next, we’ll be introducing:

  • The ability to swipe ads that you find on the instagram and facebook feed from your phone. 
  • Save ads that are advertised on Twitter. 
  • Save pinterest posts and ads directly from their site. 
  • Swipe a Youtube in stream video ad that shows you on your video. 
  • Support more platforms that are used to host VSLs. 

Once back in the dashboard. 

You will notice that all your swipes are saved privately by default inside of your “Swipe File” 

The Discover page is where you can discover ads that are added publicly to the platform. 

We have a team constantly swiping ads that are working into the platform. 

Use Discover to search for ads because only ads that are working will make their way there. 

You organize your swipe file further by adding folders. 

You can create a new folder and then assign it to each swipe in your Swipe File. 

If you open any swipe, you’ll be able to see metadata and stats. 

These will vary from platform. 

For Google, you’ll be able to see views from unlisted youtube videos used as ads. 

Also you can see an estimated ad spent for that ad. 

Wistia VSLs show even more data. You can see the amount of people that view the VSL and also what the average consumption rate of the VSL is. 

Each swipe that was originally pointing to a landing page, will have the landing page screenshotted for you. That way if it’s ever deleted by the owner, you still have a copy for yourself. 

How to Write New Ad Scripts With AI 

You can also generate a new script for any video ad. 

Disclaimer: the ad must have a narration or else it won’t work

When you press generate script, it will take you to our AI Copywriter. 

This form has only two required fields, the title and the information dump. 

Basically every other field is optional but we highly encourage that you fill them out to get better results. 

If you want to scrape info from a site, visit: https://app.swipebuilder.io/url-transcribe

This will give you a solid dump of information about the product you’re trying to sell. 

Once you fill out the form, and have your inspiration picked. 

The next step is to generate the script and wait for AI to do its work. 

You can leave and do other things, you don’t have to stay on the page. 

Just make sure to check back in a few minutes and your script should be generated. 


That’s SwipeBuilder in a nutshell, if you need clarifications don’t hesitate and hit the “chat with us” button.

We’re more than happy to help.

Our support email is also available: [email protected]

#1 Swipe File Building Tool

Saves ads from all major ad platforms and ethically steal copy using AI. 

• Save ads from Facebook, TikTok and Google.

• Use AI to write new ads from your competitors

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