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Many advertisers use Facebook to promote the products and services of their clients. Over the years, the social media platform has become a preferred destination for many due to its ease of use and competitive ad rate. The numbers are there to back it up. According to Search Logistics, more than 3 million businesses across the globe actively advertise on the platform.  

While Facebook advertising is lucrative, the competitiveness and influx of advertisers drive the costs of running ads on the platform. You must have a competitive edge to maximize results. 

Besides, you must be ultra-creative and strategic with your own campaigns to push your content and drive engagement. Trust me, getting inspiration for launching ad campaigns can be challenging. Everyone experiences creative blocks sometimes.

Luckily, there’s a tool that can help you get ahead of the curve and see what your competitors run – the Facebook Ad Library. This blog explores the Facebook Ad Library functions and ways to use it to your advantage.

What is Meta Ad Library?

Meta Ad Library, formerly Facebook Ad Library, is a free tool with ad formats and allows users to search and view competitors’ ads. Originally launched in 2019 for political and social advertisements, Facebook Ad Library provides a competitive analysis of diverse advertising approaches. It is a massive database of millions of active and inactive ads from different advertisers.

You can gather valuable insights and data by analyzing competitors’ ads and seeing the strategy behind their success. If your competitors’ ads are active, you can see their performance in the Meta or Facebook Ad Library and refine your marketing strategy. This Meta tool also archives ads, allowing you to gain valuable insights.

Users can see any ad they want through the keyword search, advertiser, ad category, or page search. Each ad contains information, such as the advertiser’s name, total ad spend, total impressions, demographics, and the ad creative.

Meta Ad Library: Background History and Introduction

The Meta Ad Library was launched to increase political and social awareness and accountability through advertising. It was initially designed to allow users to gain more visibility into the political ads running across Facebook and its sister network, Instagram.

However, Meta soon expanded its scope to include ads from other sectors and industries. This expansion was driven by Facebook’s commitment to provide users with transparent information about the ads they see. 

Key Features of the Facebook Ad Library

The Facebook Ad Library has many features designed to provide transparency and valuable insights into active ads across Facebook and Instagram. Below are some key features of this comprehensive tool.

  1. Search Functionality

The search bar is probably the most used tool within the Facebook Ad Library. This potent tool allows advertisers to find ads related to a brand or industry. You can search for advertisements by keyword, advertiser, page, ad category, etc., making it a valuable tool for competitive research.

  1. Ad Creatives

With this feature, you can view the creative elements of the competitor ads, such as the visuals and the ad copy, in the Facebook Ad Library. You can gain inspiration from competitors’ ad designs, message tone, and copywriting style and use them to refine your ad campaign.

  1. Ad Details

Every ad in the Library has detailed information, such as the advertiser’s name, the ad spend, the impression, media type, the target audience, and creative elements. This feature exposes your competitor’s strategies and targeting tactics, and you can leverage that to improve your ad creativity.

4. Ad Placement

The ad placement tells users where ads display across Meta and Instagram. Typically, Meta or Instagram ads are shown in News Feeds, Stories, the audience network, and specific pages. The insight into competitors’ ad placements can help you assess the best ad placement option, helping you to optimize your ad campaign for better results.

  1. Demographic and Target Audience

This feature provides insights into target audiences, ranging from age and gender to location and interests. This information allows advertisers to understand the ad types and ads the audience is most interested in and helps them tailor their ad campaigns to reach the right people.

  1. Historical Data

The Facebook Ad Library also stores records of inactive ads that have run on the platform for up to seven years. This historical data allows advertisers to understand past advertising trends and creative approaches. You can apply this data to your ad campaign if deemed relevant. 

  1. Ad Policy Information

Alongside the ad details, the Facebook Ad Library also includes information on ad policies to provide transparency and accountability. By reviewing this information, advertisers ensure they comply with Meta’s advertising guidelines.

  1. Ad Library Report

The Ad Library Report is Meta’s transparency tool that provides aggregated data on political and social-related ads. This feature is a comprehensive and valuable resource for understanding Meta’s political and social ad landscape.

Apart from aggregating data, the Ad Library Report also includes data on ad spending, impressions, demographic targeting, and the creative elements behind the effectiveness of the ad. It helps policymakers, regulators, researchers, journalists, and advertisers to make informed decisions regarding the disclosure and use of information.   

Why Save Facebook Ads?

Saving Facebook Ads has many advantages. You need to stay on top of your game in a competitive space like the advertising niche. Millions of businesses run ads on the platform daily, making it more challenging to create unique video ads there. Facebook users wouldn’t want to click on a similar ad they have seen multiple times already.

The Facebook Ad Library has made it convenient for advertisers to review and analyze competitors’ ads and gain insightful data about the success of an ad. The following are reasons for saving Facebook ads. 

See what ads your competitors are running

Your competitors are your greatest ally when it comes to Facebook advertising. That’s because they dictate what’s working and what isn’t. By searching their ads within the Facebook Ad Library, you can analyze the competition’s ads and their results, and find gaps to help your upcoming campaigns stand out.

When you search for keywords related to your industry or business, you can use the information to tailor ad content for your ads to have similar value propositions. The goal isn’t to have the exact ad copy as your competitors but to have an improved one. Use the information from your analysis to test a new ad style, test new words and phrases, and check out the ad type that is more effective for engagement.

Through analysis, you can check for fundamental performance metrics, such as impressions and spending, which you can use to benchmark your ad performance against competitors. You can identify areas of weakness and strength and use the information to optimize your performance.

Audience Insights

Besides analyzing competitors’ advertising tactics, you can utilize the Ad Library to understand your intended audience. You can adjust your target audience advertising strategies by examining the demographics and interests of other audiences’ ads. More importantly, you can ensure your messaging hits the right people.

Enhance creativity

Facebook Ad Library is an abundance of creative inspiration for advertisers. You use Facebook Ad Library to find new creative ideas and get inspired for your advertising strategy. Through various ads across different industries, you can discover new design and copywriting ideas to keep your advertising campaigns fresh.  

If you’re new to Facebook Ads, you need fresh ideas to create a compelling and engaging ad. The Ad Library will give you that leverage to launch high-performing ads.

You can type a keyword relevant to your business from the search bar, and Facebook will show thousands of related ads. It is better than just typing the specific brand, which will limit the search results. 

The advertising niche isn’t stagnant. Every day, emerging trends displace the old ones. With the Facebook Ad Library, you can stay updated on the latest industry trends and tactics and use them for your next ad campaign.

Study ad creatives of your prospects

Yes! Sometimes, studying your prospects’ ads can give you more insights into their language and style of ads. You can leverage the Facebook Ad Library when pitching to prospective clients. Before speaking to the client, you can check if the prospective client has any active ads on Meta. 

If you’re pitching at an advanced level to a client new to social media advertising, they may not comprehend you properly. Therefore, knowing if any ad runs can help you understand their objectives, CTA, and challenges. If they are new, you can pitch based on past experiences and what you learned from competitors.

Analyze your ads

You think of analyzing your competition ads and keeping up with the latest advertising trends all the time, but have you ever considered analyzing your ads? 

You can also analyze your ads from your business’s ad history with the Ad Library. Take a peek at your results and highlight metrics to improve upon. Analyzing your ads gives you the opportunity to refine your ad strategy and optimize your Facebook ad.

Do you need to be more creative or test a new CTA? Analyzing your past ad results can help you with that information. 

Note that Meta doesn’t allow users to save ads on their devices. You can only view ads, but is that a problem? No! It isn’t. With tools like SwipeBuilder, you can effortlessly download and save ads from the Facebook Ad Library. Find out how to do this here. 

How to Use Facebook Ad Library to Find Competitor’s Ads

The Facebook Ad Library is free and transparently analyzes various companies’ ads on Meta and Instagram. There’s no better place to start researching your ad accounts and competition’s ads than with the Facebook Ad Library, but how can you use this tool to find other ads from advertisers? Here is a step-by-step guide to get you started.

  1. The first step is to head over to the Facebook Ad Library. Log into your Facebook account and access Ads Library from the menu.
  2. Within the Facebook Ad Library environment, you’ll see the search bar, the box to select a country, and another box where you can select to see all ads or specific ones. Choose the country of choice, then all ads in the next box, and type in the name of the competitor or specific keyword.
  3. The card details of each ad will appear in the search results. Details, such as the ad’s active status, if flagged for any special category, and which platform the ads run on will be on full display.
  4. Beneath each ad, you’ll also see a ‘See ad details’ option. Clicking the button will let you see the ad’s multiple versions, including multiple formats, running with various headlines and descriptions.
  5. To narrow it down to specific ads, you can filter ads. Adding a filter allows you to review an ad based on the language and platform where the ad runs. You can also examine an ad according to media, active status, active date, and all the associated ads for the advertiser from the past seven years.

Maximizing Your Facebook Advertising Efforts with Simplified Tools like SwipeBuilder

The Facebook Ad Library emerges as an essential tool for advertisers. Beyond the ability to view and analyze various ads, you can find new ideas for your ad campaign, discover opportunities to stand out, and help refine your strategy.

As more advertisers flock to Meta, expect increased competition. However, you can stay unique and never run out of ideas for your next ad creative. You can leverage tools like SwipeBuilder to maximize your Facebook advertising strategies. 

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