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How to Make Money with TikTok Shop and AI in 2024: A Complete Guide

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TikTok Shop has become the new kid in the block and it’s flipping the entire e-commerce industry on its head.

TikTok, which was already one of the largest social media platforms, decided that it didn’t want to be just a platform for Zoomers to dance and put makeup on each other. TikTok decided it wanted to go after Jeff Bezos too.

So last November TikTok launched it’s TikTok Shop feature. And let’s be real, this is not the first time a social media company launches it’s own marketplace. I mean, Facebook Marketplace has been around for a minute and even Instagram allows you to sell products on the platform. But TikTok did things a little differently…

For TikTok, the TikTok Shop feature wasn’t just another simple e-commerce platform integration. It was an entirely new ecosystem that would be prioritized over external shopping. Meaning if an advertiser promotes to a TikTok Shop product, they will be rewarded versus if they sent the traffic to an external landing page.

TikTok Shop also launched an affiliate program that makes it super simple for brands to build an army of affiliates. In fact, they put so much effort into this feature that they even built an entire database of potential affiliates that brands can contact to partner with.

The result of all this effort? Well, TikTok Shop is becoming a behemoth when it comes to online shopping in the US. Bound to grow even larger in 2024.

And that opens a massive opportunity for people like you and I…

You see, affiliate marketing is not a new model. It’s probably one of the oldest forms of making money online. The concept is simple, you get paid commission for promoting someone else’s product. In other words, your job is to get traffic for the product being sold.

The two most popular forms of affiliate marketing is usually done via paid traffic such as Facebook ads, Google ads or Native ads or via SEO which includes Google or Bing traffic.

You could also be a social media affiliate, but that would require you to be an influencer with loads of followers who learn to like and trust you over time. This takes a lot of time.

Today we have a new form of affiliate marketing, one that doesn’t require you to have a large audience already, show your face or even needs you to pay for traffic.

TikTok is a platform that rewards even the smallest account with traffic, if they can produce quality content.

And because of the use explosion of TikTok Shoppers, this creates a massive opportunity for those who want to make money online right now.

The only thing that TikTok wants from you is quality content, and today I am here to show you how to give TikTok exactly what they want… without having to spend hours dancing like a monkey in front of a camera.

With the power of AI, we can make super engaging content.

And with TikTok Shop, you can monetize the content without needing to have a product.

Here are a list of AI tools you can use today to make videos for TikTok:

How to get unlimited stock footage with StoryBlocks

This is the only Non-AI tool that you will see on this, however, it is super important.

Basically one of the limitations of AI right now is that you can’t create very long videos.

AI is able to animate for a few seconds only, and it doesn’t always give you exactly what you’re trying to make in your content.

In the past, you would need to pay for stock footage on a per video or image basis. And this could easily get very expensive as some sites charge big money for their videos.

There are many free stock footage sites like Pexels, but these sites won’t have everything you need and the quality can be a little low as well.

StoryBlocks fixes this issue entirely by providing you with a bunch of stock footage, that’s high quality and you don’t need to pay per image/video. StoryBlocks charges a monthly subscription for unlimited stock footage.

When you pay for StoryBlocks you get unlimited access to every single video or image that they have.

So this is going to be useful to make sure your TikTok content is not 100% AI generated. It adds more life to your content.

How to make unlimited original images with MidJourney

MidJourney is the king of AI generated images. You can get anything from hyper-realistic images by using their v6 or more exotic images.

MidJourney is also very cheap and works directly inside of Discord.

All you have to do is have a conversion with their Discord bot and you’ll be able to create any image that comes to your mind.

90% of the images you use in your content will come from MidJourney.

But like I said, they are images and you’re going to want to animate them to make them look even more “alive.”

For that we use Pika AI.

How to animate any AI image with Pika AI

This AI tool is very similar to MidJourney in the sense that it works by chatting with a Discord bot as well.

What I like to do here is take images from MidJourney and upload them to Pika AI. Pika will then animate them based on the prompt you give it.

So it basically takes a still image and makes it move in any way you want.

This will give you a lot of cool original videos that you can use in your final TikTok video post.

Now, not all the images have to be animated with Pika AI, in fact you can use another tool for this.

My favorite right now? CapCut.

How to use CapCut — a video editing tool for people who aren’t editors

CapCut is a video editing tool that is super simple to use. Even if you have zero editing skills (like myself), you can use it.

Don’t believe me? Look at this video I made:

CapCut is also owned by TiKTok themselves, which in my opinion makes it the best tool to use since you also find the music that’s already royalty free or has been licensed by TikTok themselves. They run scans to make sure you’re not infringing on any copyright laws.

You can also edit using CapCut’s mobile app and you don’t even need a computer to make the TikTok videos.

My favorite effect to use is called the ‘3D zoom’ effect and basically it uses AI to turn your still images into a nicely animated clip that splits your character and background automatically to add movement.

Pro Tip: if you want to edit using the desktop app you’ll notice that the 3D zoom effect is not available (as of this writing) on the desktop version. So what I do is use the mobile app to create all my 3D zoomed clips and then airdrop them onto my laptop. From there I just take the 3D zoomed clips and add them to my desktop timeline. That’s just me because I find it easier to edit on the desktop app then on the phone. But you can do whatever you want.

So how do we create voice overs for our TikTok videos?

How to make realistic AI voice overs with ElevenLabs

I like to use ElevenLabs to create my voice overs.

You can use pre-determined voices or make your own by cloning another person’s voice. The most popular voice that you see around TikTok is called ‘Adam’ and many viral videos use it.

In fact, the video I showed you above is using Adam as a speaker!

And look, you’re not fooling anyone, people will know it’s an AI generated voice over. That’s fine, many videos do extremely well as recognizable AI generated videos.

But what if you don’t want people to know it’s an AI?

My favorite thing to do here is to go find viral videos on TikTok with real humans and extract the audio from the video. Then I go to ElevenLabs and clone the voice. The result is a voice that sounds 100% human when you add it to your final TikTok video.

Now what about the scripts? Do you have to write them yourself?

You can, but I can also make this using AI. For this I use our very own tool called SwipeBuilder.

Creating unlimited scripts for your videos with SwipeBuilder

SwipeBuilder allows you to write new copy using AI. It is a copy ai alternative that can write scripts designed for conversions, meaning to get sales and go viral.

SwipeBuilder is different because it allows you build a swipe file of other people’s work.

A swipe file is a collection of tested and proven advertising. Keeping a swipe file is a common practice used by advertising copywriters and creative directors as a reference of ideas for future projects.

So basically SwipeBuilder allows you to save ads from the Facebook Ad Library, TikTok organic content, TikTok Creative Center ads and even Google/Youtube ads from Google Transparency Center.

You can permanently save all the content that you want to copy from TikTok by simply clicking a button.

saving a tiktok video using swipebuilder

Then you click another button inside of SwipeBuilder to generate a new script with AI.

generating a new script with SwipeBuilder for TikTok Shop

All you have to do is add the information you have on the product you want to sell, pick an inspiration and let AI do its magic.

In fact, the world’s best copywriter Stefan Georgi, said the following about SwipeBuilder.

“… I signed up and already saved a few swipes and had it write some swipe copy based off a Gundry ad just to test it out. Honestly super impressed with the tool and also the swipe copy. Really good job with this.”

Stefan has sold over $1 billion dollars online since he became a copywriter.

SwipeBuilder offers a 7 day risk free trial for anyone who joins today.

Next Steps

You now have everything you need make content for TikTok that will certain go viral and also get you sales on your TikTok Shop promotions.

You don’t need any more tools than the ones listed.

Right now what you need to do is sit down and make videos.

I would aim to write 1 video per day for 30 days to test a single product. Don’t just make one video per product and give up if it doesn’t work. You’re just one TikTok video away from having thousands in sales.

But posting content on TikTok has its nuances as well.

When do you need to post?

What if I am not located in the US?

Can you do dropshipping using TikTok Shop?

What if I get zero views on my TikTok videos?

All those questions are beyond the scope of this post. But if you want to learn more about this, I have a recommendation for you.

There’s this community called the TikTok Syndicate and I am also a high level member there, you can find me as @WiFiMoneyGuy. If you want to learn more or even reach out to meme with questions I suggest you join this community.

It’s currently available and a few people are already making thousands of dollars with the strategies taught inside of the community.

Here’s what a few people inside are saying already:

For those who join today, I have a access link for you.

Click here to join TikTok Syndicate and start making money with TikTok Shop >>

Thank you for reading and I hope you found this valuable.

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