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What Does Pinning Mean on TikTok: How to Optimally Use the Feature

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Tiktok has become a global app over the past 3 years.

Since the pandemic, TikTok has become the go-to app for millions of people worldwide and it has only been an upward trend from there. As a creator or frequent user of the app, you’d be no stranger to the pinned feature on the app. If you’re new to using the app, you probably wonder, “What does it mean to pin on TikTok?”

This feature does many things, including giving your TikTok videos more visibility. It enables users on the platform to pin a TikTok video to their profile page, showcasing particular videos for visitors to see when they visit their page. This not only draws eyes onto the videos you want people to see first but also enhances the visibility and engagement of your TikTok account by strategically showcasing content. Think of pinned videos as drawing eyes onto the videos you want people to see first.

This guide will explore everything you need to know about the pinned video feature on TikTok and how you can maximize it for more reach.

What Does It Mean to Pin a TikTok Video?

a TikTok profile with pinned videos

To pin a video on TikTok means putting a spotlight on a certain video or videos you want people to see first. Therefore, the pinned feature is a widely used feature that allows TikTok users to select and pin a specific video to the top of their TikTok profile.

Pinned videos are the first set of videos a user sees when they visit a creator’s profile. They are usually the videos that showcase what the content creator wants the visitors to see first before going to the others. The videos summarize what the content creator does. It’s important to note that users can only pin their own videos, and they should strategically choose specific videos to pin for maximum impact.

How do you know a video is pinned? By looking at the red ‘Pinned’ sign on the video. Content creators can pin up to three videos, arranged chronologically according to the most recent.

Why Pin Your TikTok Videos?

In the content world, creating a first impression matters. Pinning certain videos allows creators to strategically control the first impression they make on their visitors. The pinning feature ensures the selected video gets the attention it deserves, whether it’s trying to promote a brand or showcase the creator’s talent.

Additionally, pinning content allows creators to present themselves in the best possible light. They can effectively communicate their style and personality to viewers.

Furthermore, using the pinning feature can significantly maximize your visibility and engagement. Visitors are more likely to explore your content or become keen based on the pinned videos. That’s why we said the pinning feature is fundamental to creating an excellent first impression. Pinning introductory videos that share who you are, your story, and the content you post, as well as a viral video, can make a strong first impression and boost engagement.

When a good first impression is established, you are likely to have a higher engagement, which can help you grow and have a robust fan base.

Finally, the pinning feature can give a sneak-peek moment about a scene, announce a piece of big news, or showcase a recent Q&A you did with your audience. For businesses, pinning videos can highlight a product launch or give customers a glimpse of what they should expect from a brand.

Summarily, the importance of pinning a video includes:

  • Gaining visibility
  • Sharing a quick update
  • Boosting engagement
  • Spotlight some content
  • Promoting businesses and brands

Choosing the Right Video to Pin on Your TikTok Profile

While the pinning feature can give you more coverage and highlight your art, pinning the right video on TikTok is essential. Of course, it will be challenging to pick if you have hundreds of videos. So, how do you know which video is best to pin? Here are some tips to help you.

  • Look for videos with a high engagement rate, such as more likes, comments, shares, and views. These essential metrics are indications that your content resonated with your audience.
  • Select videos that align with your values and brand identity. Pinned content should accurately reflect who you are as a content creator. It lets the audience know what to expect from you and not to be surprised.
  • Choose videos with a high-production quality. It must be well-polished and showcase your creativity all around.
  • Look out for videos with overwhelmingly positive comments. This feedback reflects your audience’s feelings about your content. These are the kinds of videos you should consider pinning at the top of your TikTok profile.

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The pinned posts feature on TikTok is crucial to your social media growth, playing a significant role in attracting a wider audience and increasing engagement. Pin comments complement this by allowing creators to highlight specific comments, further enhancing engagement through curated conversations. However, it goes beyond showcasing your best content; it also serves as a place to inform the public about an upcoming event or make a big announcement. By learning how to optimally use the pinned feature on TikTok, including both pinned posts and pin comments, you can let people in on what you do best and increase engagement on the platform.

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