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The Top 20 Best Online Video Ads to Inspire Your Next Campaign

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The best video ads have left people with a lasting impression – sometimes, a nostalgia that makes them want to tear up even though they have seen such an ad a hundred times. That’s the effect a powerful video advertisement creates. They don’t intend to sell products relevant to an audience but arouse emotions that will hook you for years.

The advertising niche has great video ad campaigns that can inspire you to create an even more compelling ad that resonates with the target audience. From animated and social media videos to small business videos, you can create ad campaigns that transcend boundaries and redefine engagement.  

Are you looking to create an effective ad but don’t know how to begin? This blog explores online video ads that will inspire you to create attention-grabbing ad campaigns. These video ads showcase the power of advertising and how you can leverage the ingenuity behind these ads to achieve your intended goal.

Introduction to Video Ads

Video advertising has become an effective way to reach and engage target audiences. Combining visuals with sound and storytelling can create a compelling message that will resonate with viewers. That’s what brands do to win prospects and turn them into repeat customers.  

Video ads are a powerful way to engage audiences and promote products or services. They can create emotional connections, leverage celebrity talent, and display humor. Effective video ad strategies can lead to successful advertising campaigns.

What makes a great video ad is its intention. A great video ad resonates with the target audience and leaves a good impression. Therefore, your video content should be creative, engaging, and memorable. A great video ad can promote a product or service or raise brand awareness.

Effective Video Ad Strategies

We know the power of video ads, but how do you make one? Creating an effective video ad goes beyond great visuals and sounds; it entails understanding your audience’s needs and strategically making an impactful and memorable video ad. It involves using the storytelling approach to win your potential customers over. Below are proven video ad strategies that will inspire your next content.

Creating Emotional Connections through Video Ads

Emotional connections are fundamental to a successful video ad. It involves evoking emotions, such as excitement or sadness through storytelling, music, and visuals. By creating an emotional connection, brands can develop ads that will leave an immense impression on viewers. 

Examples of emotional video ads include:

“Rang-tan” by Iceland

The use of storytelling and compelling visuals was evident in this advertisement. The issues of palm oil production and its effect on her habitat were meticulously addressed interestingly and educatively. The outstanding animation and narration created a powerful message that evoked empathy. Of course, this was the objective – to create an ad that deeply connects with the audience. 

“The Sculptor” by Peugeot 

Arguably the best car ad of all time, “The Sculptor” by Peugeot used intuitive graphics and a sentimental storyline to highlight the craftsmanship and design of Peugeot automobiles. This created an emotional bond between existing users and non-users. Existing users could become repeat customers, while the non-users could become first-time purchasers. This perfect online video ad can inspire your next car ad campaign.

Leveraging Celebrity Talent in Video Ads

Celebrity endorsement or branding is a highly influential advertising strategy that can positively influence a customer’s purchase decision or behavior. The rationale is to leverage the celebrity’s popularity to persuade consumers to buy a product or service. 

Market research has shown that consumers are more trusting if their favorite celebrity endorses a product or brand. Besides, it creates the perception that the product or service is high quality. Celebrity endorsement doesn’t always work, especially if people doubt their credibility. However, celebrity talent can help elevate a brand message.

Examples of video ads that leverage celebrity talent include: 

  1. “The Barber” by Lamborghini

This advertisement features a celebrity barber who uses his reputation to pinpoint the sleek design and luxuriousness of Lamborghini cars.

  1.  “Basic Fun! Commercial – Together We Tonka”.

This ad was set in a nostalgic setting, featuring some popular figures. It brings an exciting touch to the Tonka brand.

Humor in Video Ads: The Power of Offbeat Humor

Humor can be used to create a memorable and engaging ad. Unconventional or offbeat humor can make ads stand out and create a lasting impression. Additionally, it can delight the audience while passing the most important message to win their hearts. Examples of ads that use humor include:

“Web of Fries” by Taco Bell

This very short film is one of the cleverest ads ever made. It uses a mock conspiracy to introduce Taco Bell’s fries entertainingly. Its captivating and humorous narrative shows you can create a satirical or laughter-provocative ad and retain its message. Advertisers can learn from the ‘Web of Fries’ to develop a humorous advert to delight the audience and communicate the intended message.

“The Worst Song in the World” by Monoprix

Monoprix employs unconventional humor by making a bad song to draw attention to its products in this ad. In this video advertisement, a woman walks down the street listening to an awful song. Unfortunately, the song worsens as it goes. The lady gets frustrated as she listens and no one understands her misery. Eventually, the copy reads, “Having your hands free changes everything… get your groceries delivered.”

This song was deliberately made and incorporated to perplex the viewers and promote the brand’s convenience simultaneously. This is another intelligently-made advert that advertisers can learn and adopt.

Innovative Video Ad Techniques

Innovative video advertisements involve telling stories creatively with exceptional visuals about a product or innovative technology. We will explain some techniques used for this kind of ads.

The Art of Product Advertisement Videos

Product advertisement can be used to showcase the features and benefits of a product. Not just talking about the product but doing that clearly and engagingly. Examples of product advertisements include:

“iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Plus | Hello Yellow” by Apple

Apple has always been innovative when creating ads for its products and services. In this ad, the company uses vibrant colors and high-quality visuals to pinpoint iPhone 14 and 14 Plus features, making these products desirable and fashionable. The appeal of this ad is persuasive enough to purchase these products.

“McAfee Product Teaser”

This ad engages suspense and intrigue to highlight the product’s features. The ad aims to pique viewers’ curiosity engagingly and trigger a buying decision. This technique would be immensely helpful if you have a new product to promote.

Product advertisements can promote a product or service and increase sales.

Behind the Scenes Video Ads: Exclusive Access

This advertising technique isn’t commonly used but can be effective. It offers a glimpse into manufacturing a product or service, creating a sense of deeper engagement. Behind-the-scenes video ads can give audiences exclusive access to a product or service. 

Examples of behind-the-scenes video ads include: 

“Home Alone Again with Google Assistant”

The use of Home Alone in this ad shows Google’s creative ingenuity and innovative prowess. This ad produces a sneak-peek moment of a recreated Home Alone scene, showcasing Google Assistant’s capabilities. In addition, it brings a nostalgic effect to viewers while exposing the features of Google Assistant. 

“Top Gun: Maverick”

This ad builds on the popularity and universal love for the original film to create sneak-peek footage from the making of the sequel. It created excitement and anticipation among movie lovers. 

Behind-the-scenes video ads can create a sense of exclusivity and increase engagement.

3D Animated Video Ads: Visual Storytelling

3D animation has revolutionized how brands convey their ad message. The immersion of this technique creates visually stunning and engaging ads that will leave a good impression.

Examples of 3D animated video ads include: 

“Gulp” by Nokia

“Gulp” by Nokia shows the use of 3D animation in telling an interesting story. Fun fact – this ad holds the Guinness World Record for the largest stop-motion animation set. The ad shows a fisherman navigating a sea of surprises. The fluid animation isn’t only engaging but highlights Nokia’s innovative prowess.

“The Unique Connection” by Pandora

The Unique Connection is a heartwarming ad that explores the connection between mothers and their children. This 3D ad features an emotional experiment where blindfolded children identify their mothers. The use of sentiments showcases how emotion can promote a message. Pandora’s use of emotive animation couldn’t have been deployed in a better way.

3D animated ads tell a story and promote a product or service. They allow advertisers to create rich content that effectively evokes strong emotional responses. With these ads, brands can leave a memorable impression on viewers. 

In-Game Advertising: A New Frontier

In-game advertising is a new kind of advertising brands integrate into their advertising campaigns to reach a targeted audience. The use of gaming environments to deliver a message summarizes in-game advertising. Furthermore, this advertising strategy is into two – static in-game ads and dynamic in-game ads.

Static In-Game Ads: Targeted Advertising

Static ads can target specific audiences and promote products or services. They are strategically incorporated into the gaming environment to promote real-life brands, mostly game developers, companies, and their associates. Static in-game advertising uses mostly billboards and posters.

Examples of static ads include: 

Virtual Billboards

FIFA and NBA 2K are masters at using virtual billboards to display real-world brands on the playing field. These ads focus on particular audiences, such as sports enthusiasts. 

Product Placement

Grand Theft Auto V is another video game that features virtual brands and items resembling real-life counterparts. The aim was to promote the products within the gaming environment subtly. 

Static in-game ads can reach a target audience and increase brand visibility with the right messaging. Brands can leverage this ad to connect with game lovers in a non-disruptively. 

Dynamic In-Game Ads (DIGA): Immersive Experiences

Dynamic in-game ads are more interactive and immersive than static in-game ads. These ads can create real-life experiences within the gaming environment and change based on player behavior. 

Examples of dynamic in-game ads include: 

Interactive Ads

The popular online video game Fortnite uses dynamic ad placements that change according to events within the gaming environment. For instance, the game uses brand-sponsored events to pop up ads that promote products engagingly.

Rewarded Videos

Mobile games use rewarded video ads to incentivize players. Players earn an in-game reward when they watch a short ad in the video game. This strategy benefits the rewarded player and the advertiser, who gains a viewer.  

Dynamic in-game ads engage audiences and increase brand awareness. Therefore, leveraging the immersion of gaming platforms can create interactive experiences through unique ad formats.

Advertising Campaigns: Putting it All Together

Creating a Successful Video Ad Campaign

A successful video ad campaign requires meticulous planning and effective execution. Your strategy is creating targeted, engaging, and memorable ads using various ad formats. To create a successful video ad campaign, you must:

  • Define what you want to achieve with your ad campaign
  • Understand your target audience’s behavior and preferences through research
  • Develop a compelling narrative that resonates with your audience using storytelling, humor, and innovation
  • Use different ad formats to engage your audience across different platforms
  • Track ad performance using various analytics tools to improve campaign results.

Examples of successful video ad campaigns include: 

“Your Place | Get Paid” by Airbnb

This ad campaign uses the storytelling narrative to pinpoint how Airbnb can transform lives through housing. The ad uses real stories from hosts to create a relatable message.

“Camping” by TWIX

Twix uses humor to depict how their products can provide amazing camping experiences. The ad incorporates the TWIX brand in wonderful camping scenarios, making it entertaining and memorable. 

Other online ads to inspire your next campaign include:

“Dumb Ways to Die” By Metro Trains

“Dump Ways to Die” was an ad campaign launched in 2012 to promote rail safety entertainingly and memorably. The ad uses humor to deliver a serious safety message. Unsurprisingly, it took home five awards at the Cannes Lions Festival and amassed over 290 million views. To understand the impact of this ad, the number of accidents on Metro trains was reduced by 20%. It is all due to this powerful ad.  

“Lamp” By IKEA

This emotional and thought-provoking ad will send shivers down your spine. It features a woman picking up an old lamp from the table on a dark, stormy evening. With somber music in the background, she takes the lamp outside in the rain, replacing it with a new one. Furthermore, the tone immediately changes upon replacement. The rationale behind the ad is to tell the audience the new lamp is better in convenience and sustainability. That explains the change in music.

Wrapping Up

The best video ads can be captivating and inspiring when executed properly. Brands and advertisers can create impactful ads using emotional storytelling, humor, and innovation. The examples discussed in this article explain the different approaches advertisers use to create successful video ad campaigns. These ads can inspire your next video ad and leave a good impression on your audience. 

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