Watch us write an ad in under 60 seconds 🚀

Find winning ads, permanently swipe them and let us rewrite them for your brand in just seconds. Supports all major platforms like Meta, Google and TikTok.

Cancel Anytime | Satisfaction Guarantee | 1000+ Users 

What are all the features?

Here’s a list of all the features we have made available as of now for SwipeBuilder:

Swipe Ads

You can swipe ads from all major advertising platforms such as Meta, TikTok and Google. Even if they delete them.

Swipe VSLs

You can permanently swipe VSLs hosted on Wistia. 

Discover New Ads

We use a combination of community and crawlers to collect ads that can be found in our discovery section. 

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Re-Write With AI

SwipeBuilder will rewrite a swiped ad and adjust it for a different product or offer.

Auto Screenshot Landing Pages

All landing pages from swiped ads are automatically captured. 

Auto Transcription

When you swipe a video ad or VSL, its automatically transcribed. 

Share With Your Team

You can build shareable boards to share with your team and comment directly on them.

Organize Your Swipes

With our robust folder system you’ll never lose track of where you swipes are at. 

Cancel Anytime | Satisfaction Guarantee | 1000+ Users